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Poem by Madison Julius Cawein

Wood Notes


There is a flute that follows me
From tree to tree:
A water flute a spirit sets
To silver lips in waterfalls,
And through the breath of violets
A sparkling music calls:
    "Hither! halloo! Oh, follow!
    Down leafy hill and hollow,
    Where, through clear swirls,
    With feet like pearls,
    Wade up the blue-eyed country girls.
     Hither! halloo! Oh, follow!"


There is a pipe that plays to me
    From tree to tree:
A bramble pipe an elfin holds
To golden lips in berry brakes,
And, swinging o'er the elder wolds,
A flickering music makes:
    "Come over! Come over
    The new-mown clover!
    Come over the new-mown hay!
    Where, there by the berries,
    With cheeks like cherries,
    And locks with which the warm wind merries,
    Brown girls are hilling the hay,
        All day!
    Come over the fields and away!
    Come over! Come over!"

Madison Julius Cawein

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