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Poem by Christina Georgina Rossetti

Christmas Day

A baby is a harmless thing
  And wins our hearts with one accord,
And Flower of Babies was their King,
  Jesus Christ our Lord:
Lily of lilies He
Upon His Mothers knee;
Rose of roses, soon to be
Crowned with thorns on leafless tree.

A lamb is innocent and mild
  And merry on the soft green sod;
And Jesus Christ, the Undefiled,
  Is the Lamb of God:
Only spotless He
Upon His Mothers knee;
White and ruddy, soon to be
Sacrificed for you and me.

Nay, lamb is not so sweet a word,
  Nor lily half so pure a name;
Another name our hearts hath stirred,
  Kindling them to flame:
Jesus certainly
Is music and melody:
Heart with heart in harmony
Carol we and worship we.

Christina Georgina Rossetti

Poem Theme: Christmas

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