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Poem by Katharine Tynan


Where there is nothing God comes in:
    The Very God has room enough
In the poor heart that's stripped so clean
    Of earth and all the joys thereof.

I looked for shadow and the night
    When Death had taken her Love away,
But for the darkness there was light,
    And for the night clear floods of day.

Great light that filled it to the brim
    And overflowed and spilt around,
Flowing from Him, pulsing from Him,
    And all the heart was holy ground.

The earth, the heavens, cannot contain
    Our God, nor any starry place;
But He who takes delight with men
    Bounds Him within a narrow space.

And where her poor heart bleeds and breaks
    Because her dearest Love is dead,
The Lord of Life comes in and takes
    Warm to His arms the piteous head.

Katharine Tynan

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