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Poem by Charles Tennyson Turner

Lettys Globe

WHEN Letty had scarce passed her third glad year,
  And her young, artless words began to flow,
One day we gave the child a colored sphere
  Of the wide earth, that she might mark and know,
By tint and outline, all its sea and land.
  She patted all the world; old empires peeped
Between her baby fingers; her soft hand
  Was welcome at all frontiers. How she leaped,
And laughed, and prattled in her world-wide bliss!
  But when we turned her sweet unlearnèd eye
  On our own isle, she raised a joyous cry:
    Oh yes! I see it; Lettys home is there!
And while she hid all England with a kiss,
    Bright over Europe fell her golden hair!

Charles Tennyson Turner

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