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Poem by Henry Timrod

Lines (I Saw, or Dreamed I Saw, Her Sitting Lone)

I saw, or dreamed I saw, her sitting lone,
Her neck bent like a swan's, her brown eyes thrown
On some sweet poemhis, I think, who sings
Oenone, or the hapless Maud:  no rings
Flashed from the dainty fingers, which held back
Her beautiful blonde hair.  Ah! would these black
Locks of mine own were mingling with it now,
And these warm lips were pressed against her brow!
And, as she turned a page, methought I heard
Hush! could it be?a faintly murmured word,
It was so softly dwelt onsuch a smile
Played on her brow and wreathed her lip the while
That my heart leaped to hear it, and a flame
Burned on my foreheadSa'ra!'t was my name.

Henry Timrod

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