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Poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

God's Majesty

I look upon the budding tree;
   I watch its leaves expand;
And through it all, O God, I see,
   The marvel of Thy hand.
And all my soul in worship sings,
O praise the Lord, the King of Kings!

I look upon this mortal frame
   So wonderfully made;
I note each perfect vein and nerve
   And I am sore afraid;
I temble, God, at thought of Thee
So awful in Thy Majesty.

I look upon the mighty sun,
   Upon the humble flower;
In both, O great and heavenly One,
   I read Thy wondrous power;
And in an ecstasy I raise
A song of thankfulness and praise.

I look upon the lightnings flash;
   I see the rain drops fall;
I listen to the thunders crash,
   And find Thee in it all;
In earth and sky, and sea and air,
Thou, O my God, art everywhere.

"The subjects which I covered in this outpouring of early fancies were quite varied as will be seen by the following selections of verses written in one week, while still in my teens."

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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