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Poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

I Bide My Time

 I bide my time. Whenever shadows darken
    Along my path, I do but lift mine eyes,
    And faith reveals fair shores beyond the skies,
And through earth's harsh, discordant I hearken
    And hear divergent music from afar,
    Sweet sounds from lands where half my loved ones are.
       I bide--I bide my time.

I bide my time. Whatever woes assail me
    I know the strife is only for a day ;
    A friend waits for me further on the way--
A friend too faithful and too true to fail me,
    Who will bid all life's jarring turmoils cease,
    And lead me on to realms of perfect peace.
       I bide--I bide my time.

I bide my time. This conflict and resistance,
    This drop of rapture in a cup of pain,
    This wear and tear of body and of brain,
But fits my spirit for the new existence
    Which waits me in the happy by and by.
    So, come what may, I'll lift my eyes and cry :
       I bide--I bide my time. 

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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