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Poem by Norman Rowland Gale

In Spring

    Grass begins to grow,
      Winds to be more civil,
    Rollers press the pitch
      For to make it level:
    Thrushes pipe a stave
      In the budding thicket;
    Snowdrops point to pads,
      Crocuses to Cricket!

    Soon will stand the Slip
      Crouching for a capture;
    Soon the slogger slog
      Fours and fives in rapture!
    Soon the curly lob
      Find its love, the wicket;
    Snowdrops point to pads,
      Crocuses to Cricket!

    Urchins in the road
      Bowl with oblong pebbles,
    Sending to each mate
      Bursts of happy trebles:
    In the words of slang,
      Summer is the ticket!
    Snowdrops point to pads,
      Crocuses to Cricket!

Norman Rowland Gale

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