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Poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Dream Town

Now who is ready to go with me
    Off and away to dream town?
Oh, such a journey as that will be,
    All dressed in a snow white gown.
No shoe or stocking, they think it shocking
    To wear such things in dream town street,
For it's paved with posies and leaves of roses,
    So nothing can hurt your feet.

We leave our baggage and clothes behind
    When we set out on this jaunt,
The folks who live there are very kind,
    They give us whatever we want;
Sometimes a dolly we take, if she's jolly
    And good all the day before.
But they've dolls without number in that land of slumber,
And of toys there's a wonderful store.

We shut up our eyes when we set out,
    Though why I never have guessed,
There's some good reason I haven't a doubt,
    Since every one says it is best.
I think we go faster and keep off disaster,
    By folding our eyelids down;
By dropping that curtain I'm almost certain,
    The sooner we get to dream town.

Just inside of the city gate,
    Smiling and rosy and bright,
The boys and the girls of dream town wait
    To play with us all the night.
So rocking and rocking, without shoe or stocking,
    All dressed in a little white gown,
Singing and humming, we're coming, we're coming
    Into the gates of dream town. 

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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