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Poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Life and I (When Life and I first talked together)

When Life and I first talked together,
   Life seemed more grave than gay.
Quoth I, "In bleak or sunny weather,
   We two must walk one way.
I vow to do my part, good friend,
   To cheer the journey to the end."

Life gazed ahead, and shrugged her shoulder,
   She doubted me, 'twas plain.
The ways she led me through grew colder,
   The skies hung dark with rain.
Yet, at her side, all undismayed,
   I laughed, and would not be afraid.

Down shadowy paths we groped, and over
   Forbidding rocks, and still
I cried, "Dear Life, I am your lover;
   Go lead me where you will.
So rough the road-ways we have gone
   It must be better farther on."

And then the face of Life grew tender,
   Her eyes welled full of light;
The shadowed skies were tinged with splendor,
   Fair gardens bloomed in sight.
Now as we journey, mile on mile,
   I find Life gives me smile for smile. 

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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