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Poem by Emily Pauline Johnson

The Mariner

    "Wreck and stray and castaway." - SWINBURNE.

            Once more adrift.
    O'er dappling sea and broad lagoon,
    O'er frowning cliff and yellow dune,
    The long, warm lights of afternoon
            Like jewel dustings sift.

            Once more awake.
    I dreamed an hour of port and quay,
    Of anchorage not meant for me;
    The sea, the sea, the hungry sea
            Came rolling up the break.

            Once more afloat.
    The billows on my moorings press't,
    They drove me from my moment's rest,
    And now a portless sea I breast,
            And shelterless my boat.

            Once more away.
    The harbour lights are growing dim,
    The shore is but a purple rim,
    The sea outstretches grey and grim.
            Away, away, away!

            Once more at sea,
    The old, old sea I used to sail,
    The battling tide, the blowing gale,
    The waves with ceaseless under-wail
            The life that used to be.

Emily Pauline Johnson

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