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Poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox


In God's vast wisdom, infinite and grand--
  Too vast, too infinite, for mortal mind--
There are some things I cannot understand.
  In all His paths, in all His ways, I find
Some subtle mysteries of life and death--
  Some marvels that I cannot comprehend,
  Nor can I hope to know them till the end,
When all shall be made plain, above--beneath.

There are so many of His righteous deeds--
  There is so much that unto me is plain,
I have no time to wonder--have no needs
  To question why, and wherefore. In the main
My mortal eyes see that His works are good.
  Whatever else seems strange, and dark, and dim,
  I am content to leave in faith with Him,
And in His time it will be understood.

These labyrinths wherein many souls are lost--
  These waters, whereon some barks lose the shore,
But draw me nearer to the Heavenly Host,
  But make me love and worship God the more.
There is enough that I do see and know--
  There is enough that I can understand,
  And sometime Christ shall take me by the hand,
Explaining all that seems so strange below. 


Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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