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Poem by Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Love at First Sight


  Into my heart a silent look
    Flash'd from thy careless eyes,
  And what before was shadow, took
    The Light of summer skies.
  The first-born love was in that look;
      The Venus rose from out the deep
          Of those inspiring eyes.


  My life, like some lone solemn spot
    A spirit passes o'er,
  Grew instinct with a glory not
    In earth or heaven before.
  Sweet trouble stirr'd the haunted spot,
      And shook the leaves of every thought
          Thy presence wander'd o'er!


  My being yearn'd, and crept to thine,
    As if in times of yore
  Thy soul had been a part of mine,
    Which claim'd it back once more.
  Thy very self no longer thine,
      But merged in that delicious life,
          Which made us ONE of yore!


  There bloom'd beside thee forms as fair,
    There murmur'd tones as sweet,
  But round thee breathed the enchanted air
    'Twas life and death to meet.
  And henceforth thou alone wert fair,
      And though the stars had sung for joy,
          Thy whisper only sweet!

Edward Bulwer-Lytton

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