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Poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox


In the youth of the year, when the birds were building,
   When the green was showing on tree and hedge,
And the tenderest light of all lights was gilding
   The world from zenith to outermost edge,
My soul grew sad and longingly lonely!
   I sighed for the season of sun and rose,
And I said, In the Summer and that time only
   Lies sweet contentment and blest repose.

With bee and bird for her maids of honour
   Came Princess Summer in robes of green.
And the King of day smiled down upon her
   And wooed her, and won her, and made her queen.
Fruit of their union and true loves pledges,
   Beautiful roses bloomed day by day,
And rambled in gardens and hid in hedges
   Like royal children in sportive play.

My restless soul for a little season
   Revelled in rapture of glow and bloom,
And then, like a subject who harbours treason,
   Grew full of rebellion and grey with gloom.
And I said, I am sick of the summers blisses,
   Of warmth and beauty, and nothing more.
The full fruition my sad soul misses
   That beauteous Fall-time holds in store!

But now when the colours are almost blinding,
   Burning and blending on bush and tree,
And the rarest fruits are mine for the finding,
   And the year is ripe as a year can be,
My soul complains in the same old fashion;
   Crying aloud in my troubled breast
Is the same old longing, the same old passion.
   O where is the treasure which men call rest?

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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