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Poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

* * *

                                     WOODROW WILSON

   America will not turn back;
      She did not idly start,
   But weighed full carefully and well
      Her grave, important part.
   She chose the part of Freedoms friend,
   And will pursue it, to the end.

   Great Liberty, who guards her gates,
      Will shine upon her course,
   And light the long, adventurous path
      With radiance from Gods Source.
   And though blood dye that ocean track,
   America will not turn back.

   She will not turn until that hour
      When thunders through the world
   The crash of tyrant monarchies
      By Freedoms hand down-hurled.
   While Labours voice from sea to sea
   Sings loud, My country, tis of thee.

   Then will our fair Columbia turn,
      While all wars clamours cease,
   And with our banner lifted high
      Proclaim, Let there be Peace.
   But till that glorious day shall dawn
   She will march on, she will march on.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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