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Poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving for the strong armed day)

Thanksgiving for the strong armed day,
That lifted wars red curse,
When Peace, that lordly little word,
Was uttered in a voice that stirred-
Yea, shook the Universe.

Thanksgiving for the Mighty Hour
That brimmed the Victors cup,
When England signalled to the foe,
The German flag must be brought low
And not again hauled up!

Thanksgiving for the sea and air
Free from the Devils might!
Thanksgiving that the human race
Can lift once more a revrent face,
And say, God helps the Right.

Thanksgiving for our men who came
In Heaven-protected ships,
The waning tide of hope to swell,
With Lusitania and Cavell
As watchwords on their lips.

Thanksgiving that our splendid dead,
All radiant with youth,
Dwell near to us-there is no death.
Thanksgiving for the broad new faith
That helps us know this truth.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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