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Poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Good Night

The day is at its golden height,
   No shadow falls on sea or land;
And yet to thee I say Good night,
   As we stand here hand clasped in hand,
      Good night--Good night.

The laughing waves are summer blue,
   The bees hum in the sunТs warm light;
But frosts of winter chill me through,
   I shiver as I say Good night.
      Good night--Good night.

How often at the close of day
   With smiling lips weТve said those words:
And listened as we turned away
   To hear them echoed by the birds,
      Good night--Good night.

We did not dream then of this hour,
   This sad, sad hour for you and me;
We did not dream there was a power
   Could force us for eternity
      To say Good night.

Good night--nay, turn your eyes away;
   I cannot bear their tender light.
Now evermore to golden day,
   To golden hope, a last Good night,
      Good night--Good night.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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