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Poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

If One Should Dive Deep

Once more on the beach with the shifting clouds oer me
   (Like the friends of a day),
And the sea all unchanged, like a true friend before me,
   How the years flow away,
      How the summers go by.

The shifting clouds oer me, the shifting sands under;
   Why need it seem strange,
Why need I feel bitter, and why should I wonder
   That hearts, too, should change
      As the summers go by.

Down here is the path where we wandered together,
   Neath the midsummer moon.
Her love was sweet as the sweet summer weather,
   And left us as soon,
      And the summers go by.

The bathers laugh loud in the surf over yonder.
   If one should dive deep,
And rise not--no more need he suffer or ponder
   Oer losses, or weep,
   But sink low and sleep
      While the summers go by.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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