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Poem by William Cullen Bryant


Ay, thou art for the grave; thy glances shine 
Too brightly to shine long; another Spring 
Shall deck her for menТs eyes---but not for thine--- 
Sealed in a sleep which knows no wakening. 
The fields for thee have no medicinal leaf, 
And the vexed ore no mineral of power; 
And they who love thee wait in anxious grief 
Till the slow plague shall bring the final hour. 
Glide softly to thy rest then; Death should come 
Gently, to one of gentle mould like thee, 
As light winds wandering through groves of bloom 
Detach the delicate blossom from the tree. 
Close thy sweet eyes, calmly, and without pain; 
And we will trust in God to see thee yet again.

William Cullen Bryant

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