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Poem by Mary Robinson

Sonnet 10. Dangrous to Hear

Dangrous to hear, is that melodious tongue,
And fatal to the sense those murdrous eyes,
Where in a sapphire sheath, Loves arrow lies,
Himself conceald the crystal haunts among!
Oft oer that form, enamourd have I hung,
On that smooth cheek to mark the deepning dyes,
While from that lip the fragrant breath would rise,
That lip, like Cupids bow with rubies strung!
Still let me gaze upon that polishd brow,
Oer which the golden hair luxuriant plays;
So, on the modest lilys leaves of snow
The proud Sun revels in resplendent rays!
Warm as his beams this sensate heart shall glow, 
Till lifes last hour, with Phaons self decays!

Mary Robinson

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