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Poem by Mary Robinson

Sonnet to the Memory of Miss Maria Linley

So bends beneath the storm yon balmy flowr,
Whose spicy blossoms once perfumd the gale;
So pressd with tears reclines yon lily pale,
Obedient to the rude and beating showr. 

Still is the LARK, that hovring oer yon spray,
With jocund carol usherd in the morn;
And mute the NIGHTINGALE, whose tender lay
Melted the feeling mind with sounds forlorn: 

More sweet, MARIA, was thy plaintive strain!
That strain is oer; but memry neer shall fade,
When erst it cheerd grey twilights dreary shade,
And charmd the sorrow-stricken soul from pain;
STILL, STILL, melodious maid, thy dulcet song
Shall breathe, immortal, on an ANGELS TONGUE!

Mary Robinson

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