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Poem by Mary Robinson

Sonnet 34. Venus! To Thee

Venus! to thee, the Lesbian Muse shall sing,
The song, which Myttellenian youths admird, 
when Echo, amrous of the strain inspird,
Bade the wild rocks with maddning plaudits ring!
Attend my prayr! O! Queen of rapture! bring
To these fond arms, he, whom my soul has fird;
From these fond arms removd; yet, still desird,
Though love, exulting, spreads his varying wing!
Oh! source of evry joy! of evry care
Blest Venus! Goddess of the zone divine!
To Phaons bosom, Phaons victim bear;
So shall her warmest, tendrest vows be thine!
For Venus, Sappho shall a wreath prepare,
And Love be crownd, immortal as the Nine!

Mary Robinson

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