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Poem by Mary Robinson

Sonnet to Evening

[Written under a tree in the woods of St. Amand, 
in Flanders.]

SWEET BALMY HOUR! dear to the pensive mind,
Oft have I watchd thy dark and weeping shade,
Oft have I haild thee in the dewy glade,
And dropd a tear of SYMPATHY refind. 

When humming bees, hid in their golden bowrs,
Sip the pure nectar of MAYS blushing rose,
Or faint with noon-day toils, their limbs repose,
In Baths of Essence stoln from sunny flowrs. 

Oft do I seek thy shade dear withring tree,
Sad emblem of my OWN disastrous state;
Doomd in the spring of life, alas ! like THEE
To fade, and droop beneath the frowns of FATE;
Like THEE, may Heaven to ME the meed bestow,
To shelter Sorrows tear, and sooth THE CHILD OF WOE.

Mary Robinson

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