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Poem by Mary Robinson

Echo to Him Who Complains

O FLY thee from the shades of night,
Where the loud tempests yelling rise; 
Where horrror wings her sullen flight
Beneath the bleak and lurid skies. 

As the pale lightning swiftly gleams
Oer the scorchd wood, thy well-known form 
More radiant than an angel seems,
Contending with the ruthless storm. 

I see the scowling witch, DESPAIR
Drink the big tear that scalds thy cheek; 
While thro the dark and turbid air,
The screams of haggard ENVY break. 

From the cold mountains flinty steep,
I hear the dashing waters roar;
Ah! turn thee, turn thee, cease to weep,
Thou hast no reason to deplore. 

See fell DESPAIR expiring fall,
See ENVY from thy glances start;
No more shall howling blasts appall,
Or withring grief corrode thy heart. 

See FRIENDSHIP from her azure eye
Drops the fond balm for evry pain
She comes, the offspring of the sky,

Mary Robinson

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