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Poem by William Barnes

First Collection. Winter. Lullaby

The rooks nest do rock on the tree-top
Where vew foes can stand;
The martins is high, an is deep
In the steep cliff o zand.
But thou, love, a-sleepèn where vootsteps
Mid come to thy bed,
Hast father an mother to watch thee
An shelter thy head.
   Lullaby, Lilybrow. Lie asleep;
   Blest be thy rest.

An zome birds do keep under ruffèn
Their young vrom the storm,
An zome wi nest-hoodèns o moss
And o wool, do lie warm.
An we wull look well to the houseruf
That oer thee mid leäk,
An the blast that mid beät on thy winder
Shall not smite thy cheäk.
   Lullaby, Lilibrow. Lie asleep;
   Blest be thy rest.

William Barnes

Poem Theme: Lullabies

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