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Poem by Claude McKay

La Paloma in London

About Soho we went before the light; 
We went, unresting six, craving new fun, 
New scenes, new raptures, for the fevered night 
Of rollicking laughter, drink and song, was done. 
The vault was void, but for the dawnТs great star 
That shed upon our path its silver flame, 
When La Paloma on a low guitar 
Abruptly from a darkened casement came-- 
Harlem! All else shut out, I saw the hall, 
And you in your red shoulder sash come dancing 
With Val against me languid by the wall, 
Your burning coffee-colored eyes keen glancing 
Aslant at mine, proud in your golden glory! 
I loved you, Cuban girl, fond sweet Diory.

Claude McKay

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