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Poem by Katharine Tynan

A Girl's Song

The Meuse and Marne have little waves;
    The slender poplars o'er them lean.
One day they will forget the graves
    That give the grass its living green.

Some brown French girl the rose will wear
    That springs above his comely head;
Will twine it in her russet hair,
    Nor wonder why it is so red.

His blood is in the rose's veins,
    His hair is in the yellow corn.
My grief is in the weeping rains
    And in the keening wind forlorn.

Flow softly, softly, Marne and Meuse;
    Tread lightly all ye browsing sheep;
Fall tenderly, O silver dews,
    For here my dear Love lies asleep.

The earth is on his sealèd eyes,
    The beauty marred that was my pride;
Would I were lying where he lies,
    And sleeping sweetly by his side!

The Spring will come by Meuse and Marne,
    The birds be blithesome in the tree.
I heap the stones to make his cairn
    Where many sleep as sound as he.

Katharine Tynan

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