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Poem by Katharine Tynan

Old Song Re-Sung

I saw three ships a-sailing, 
A-sailing on the sea, 
The first her masts were silver,
Her hull was ivory. 
The snows came drifting softly, 
And lined her white as wool; 
Oh, Jesus, Son of Mary, 
Thy Cradle beautiful! 

I saw three ships a-sailing, 
The next was red as blood, 
Her decks shone like a ruby, 
Encrimsoned all her wood. 
Her main-mast stood up lonely, 
A lonely Cross and stark. 
Oh, Jesus, Son of Mary, 
Bring all men to that ark! 

I saw three ships a-sailing. 
The third for cargo bore 
The souls of men redeemed, 
That shall be slaves no more.
The lost beloved faces, 
I saw them glad and free. 
Oh, Jesus, Son of Mary, 
When wilt thou come for me?

Katharine Tynan

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