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Poem by Katharine Tynan

Adveniat Regnum Tuum

Thy kingdom come ! Yea, bid it come! 
But when Thy kingdom first began 
On earth, Thy kingdom was a home,
A child, a woman, and a man. 

The child was in the midst thereof, 
O, blessed Jesus, holiest One! 
The centre and the fount of love 
Mary and Josephs little Son. 

Wherever on the earth shall be 
A child, a woman, and a man, 
Imaging that sweet trinity 
Wherewith Thy kingdom first began, 

Establish there Thy kingdom! Yea, 
And oer that trinity of love 
Send down, as in Thy appointed day,
The brooding spirit of Thy Dove!

Katharine Tynan

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