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Poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Independence Ode

Columbia, fair queen in your glory! 
Columbia, the pride of the earth! 
We crown you with song- wreath and story; 
We honour the day of your birth! 

The wrath of a king and his minions
You braved, to be free, on that day; 
And the eagle sailed up on strong pinions, 
And frightened the lion at bay.

Since the chains and the shackles are broken, 
And citizens now replace slaves, 
Since the hearts of your heros have spoken
How dear they held freedom - by graves.

Your beautiful banner is blotless
As it floats to the breezes unfurled, 
And but for one blemish, all spotless
Is the record you show to the world.

Like a scar on the features of beauty, 
Lies Utah, sin-cursed to the west.
Columbia! Columbia! your duty
Is to wipe out that stain with the rest! 

Not only in freedom, and science, 
And letters, should you lead the earth; 
But let the earth learn your reliance
In honour and true moral worth.

When Libertys torch shall be lighted, 
Let her brightest most far-reaching rays
Discover no wrong thats unrighted -
Go challenge the jealous worlds gaze! 

Columbia, your star is ascending! 
Columbia, all lands own your sway! 
May your reign be as proud and unrending
As your glory is brilliant today.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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