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Poem by James Tytler

* * *

The bonnie bruckit* lassie,
	Shes blue beneath the een:
She was the fairest lassie
	That dansit on the green.
A lad he loed her dearly,
	She did his love return;
But he his vows has broken,
	And left her for to mourn.

My shape, she says, was handsome,
	My face was fair and clean;
But now Im bonnie bruckit,
	And blue beneath the ecn.
My eyes were bright and sparkling
	Before that they turned blue;
But now theyre dull wi weeping,
	And a my love, for you.

My person it was comely;
	My shape, they said, was neat:
But now I am quite changit,
	My stays they winna meet.
A nicht I sleepit soundly;
	My mind was never sad;
But now my rest is broken
	Wi thinking o my lad.

O could I live in darkness,
	Or hide me in the sea,
Since my love is unfaithful,
	And has forsaken me!
No other love I suffered
	Within my breast to dwell;
In nought I have offended,
	But loving him too well!

Her lover heard her mourning,
	As by he chanced to pass;
And pressed unto his bosom
	The lovely bruckit lass.
My dear, he said, cease grieving;
	Since that ye loed so true,
My bonnie, bruckit lassie,
	Ill faithfu prove to you.

* bruckit, white-faced, pale.

James Tytler

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