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Poem by Charles Tennyson Turner

On a Vase of Gold Fish

The tortured mullet served the Roman's pride
By darting round the crystal vase, whose heat
Ensured his woe and beauty till he died:
These unharm'd gold-fish yield as rich a treat;
Seen thus, in parlour-twilight, they appear
As though the hand of Midas, hovering o'er,
Wrought on the waters, as his touch drew near,
And set them glancing with his golden power,
The flash of transmutation! In their glass
They float and glitter, by no anguish rackt;
And, though we see them swelling as they pass,
'Tis but a painless and phantasmal act,
The trick of their own bellying walls, which charms
All eyes--themselves it vexes not, nor harms.

Charles Tennyson Turner

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