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Alexander Lawrence Posey. Biography

Alexander Lawrence Posey (Александр Лоуренс Поузи)

Alexander Lawrence Posey (1873—1908) (Muscogee Creek) was an American poet, humorist, journalist, and politician in the Creek Nation. He founded the "Eufaula Indian Journal" in 1901, the first Native American daily newspaper. For several years he published editorial letters known as the "Fus Fixico Letters", written by a fictional figure who commented pointedly about Muscogee Nation, Indian Territory, and United States politics during the period of the dissolution of tribal governments and communal lands. He served as secretary to the Sequoyah Constitutional Convention and drafted much of the constitution for its proposed Native American state, but Congress rejected the proposal. Posey died young, drowned while trying to cross the flooding North Canadian River in Oklahoma.

Alexander Lawrence Posey's Poems:
  1. Autumn
  2. July
  3. Midsummer
  4. My Fancy
  5. Assured
  6. To My Wife
  7. Nightfall
  8. Mother and Baby
  9. Song of the Oktahutchee
  10. On Viewing the Skull and Bones of a Wolf

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