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Robert Fergusson. Biography

  (Robert Fergusson)

Robert Fergusson (5 September 1750 16 October 1774) was a Scottish poet. After formal education at the University of St Andrews, Fergusson led a bohemian life in Edinburgh, the city of his birth, then at the height of intellectual and cultural ferment as part of the Scottish enlightenment. Many of his extant poems were printed from 1771 onwards in Walter Ruddiman's Weekly Magazine, and a collected works was first published early in 1773. Despite a short life, his career was highly influential, especially through its impact on Robert Burns. He wrote both Scottish English and the Scots language, and it is his vivid and masterly writing in the latter leid[1] for which he is principally acclaimed.

Robert Fergusson's Poems:
  1. Caller Water
  2. Braid Claith
  3. To My Auld Breeks
  4. Caller Oysters
  5. The Farmers Ingle
  6. Elegy on the Death of Scots Music
  7. To Sir John Fielding, on His Attempts to Suppress The Beggars Opera
  8. The Sitting of the Session
  9. The Daft-Days
  10. To the Tron-Kirk Bell

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