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Thomas MacDonagh. Biography

Thomas MacDonagh (Томас Макдона)

Thomas Stanislaus MacDonagh (Tomás Anéislis Mac Donnchadha; 1 February 1878 – 3 May 1916) was an Irish political activist, poet, playwright, educationalist and revolutionary leader. He was one of the seven leaders of the Easter Rising of 1916, a signatory of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic and Commandant of the 2nd Battalion, Dublin Brigade of the Irish Volunteers, which fought in Jacob's biscuit factory. He was executed for his part in the Rising at the age of thirty-eight.

MacDonagh was assistant headmaster at St. Enda's School, Scoil Éanna, and lecturer in English at University College Dublin. He was a member of the Gaelic League, where he befriended Patrick Pearse and Eoin MacNeill. He was a founding member of the Irish Volunteers with MacNeill and Pearse. He wrote poetry and plays.

Thomas MacDonagh's Poems:
  1. May Day
  2. Snow at Morning
  3. A Dream of Hell
  4. Our Story
  5. The Coming-In of Summer
  6. At the End
  7. Within the Temple
  8. The Stars
  9. In Absence
  10. Love Is Cruel, Love Is Sweet

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