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William Lisle Bowles. Biography

William Lisle Bowles (”иль€м Ћайл Ѕоулз)

William Lisle Bowles (24 September 1762 Ц 7 April 1850) was an English priest, poet and critic.

Bowles was born at King's Sutton, Northamptonshire, where his father was vicar. At the age of 14 he entered Winchester College, where the headmaster at the time was Dr Joseph Warton. In 1781 Bowles left as captain of the school, and went on to Trinity College, Oxford, where he had won a scholarship. Two years later he won the Chancellor's prize for Latin verse.

Bowles came from a line of Church of England clergymen. His great-grandfather Matthew Bowles (1652Ц1742), grandfather Dr Thomas Bowles (1696Ц1773) and father William Thomas Bowles (1728Ц86) had all been parish priests. After taking his degree at Oxford, Bowles followed his forebears into the Church of England, and in 1792, after serving as curate in Donhead St. Andrew, was appointed vicar of Chicklade in Wiltshire. In 1797 he received the vicarage of Dumbleton in Gloucestershire, and in 1804 became vicar of Bremhill in Wiltshire, where he wrote the poem seen on Maud Heath's statue. In the same year his bishop, John Douglas, collated him to a prebendal stall in Salisbury Cathedral. In 1818 he was made chaplain to the Prince Regent, and in 1828 he was elected residentiary canon of Salisbury.

William Lisle Bowles's Poems:
  1. Winter Evening at Home
  2. Sonnet 6. Evening
  3. Approach of Summer
  4. Music
  5. Summer Evening at Home
  6. Absence
  7. The Butterfly and the Bee
  8. Sonnet 8. To the River Itchin, near Winton
  9. A Garden-Seat at Home
  10. Dirge of Nelson

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