Джордж Поуп Моррис (George Pope Morris)

Текст оригинала на английском языке

The Main-Truck; or, A Leap for Life

    A Nautical Ballad

OLD Ironsides at anchor lay,
   In the harbor of Mahon;
A dead calm rested on the bay --
   The waves to sleep had gone;
When little Jack, the captain's son,
   With gallant hardihood,
Climbed shroud and spar -- and then upon
   The main-truck rose and stood!

A shudder ran through every vein --
   All eyes were turned on high!
There stood the boy, with dizzy brain,
   Between the sea and sky!
No hold had he above -- below,
   Alone he stood in air!
At that far height none dared to go --
   No aid could reach him there.

We gazed -- but not a man could speak! --
   With horror all aghast
In groups, with pallid brow and cheek,
   We watched the quivering mast.
The atmosphere grew thick and hot,
   And of a lurid hue,
As, riveted unto the spot,
   Stood officer and crew.

The father camon on deck -- He gasped,
   "O, God, Thy will be done!"
Then suddenly a rifle grasped,
   And aimed it at his son!
"Jump far out, boy, into the wave!
   Jump, or I fire!" he said:
"That only chance your life can save!
   Jump -- jump, boy!" -- He obeyed.

He sank -- he rose -- he lived -- he moved --
   He for the ship struck out!
On board we hailed the lad beloved
   With many a manly shout.
His father drew, in silent joy,
   Those wet arms round his neck,
Then folded to his heart the boy,
   And fainted on the deck! 

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