Джеймс Расселл Лоуэлл (James Russell Lowell)

Текст оригинала на английском языке

Out of Doors

  'Tis good to be abroad in the sun,
  His gifts abide when day is done;
  Each thing in nature from his cup
  Gathers a several virtue up;
  The grace within its being's reach
  Becomes the nutriment of each,
  And the same life imbibed by all
  Makes each most individual:
  Here the twig-bending peaches seek
  The glow that mantles in their cheek--
  Hence comes the Indian-summer bloom
  That hazes round the basking plum,
  And, from the same impartial light,
  The grass sucks green, the lily white.

  Like these the soul, for sunshine made,
  Grows wan and gracile in the shade,
  Her faculties, which God decreed
  Various as Summer's dædal breed,
  With one sad color are imbued,
  Shut from the sun that tints their blood;
  The shadow of the poet's roof
  Deadens the dyes of warp and woof;
  Whate'er of ancient song remains
  Has fresh air flowing in its veins,
  For Greece and eldest Ind knew well
  That out of doors, with world-wide swell
  Arches the student's lawful cell.

  Away, unfruitful lore of books,
  For whose vain idiom we reject
  The spirit's mother-dialect,
  Aliens among the birds and brooks,
  Dull to interpret or believe
  What gospels lost the woods retrieve,
  Or what the eaves-dropping violet
  Reports from God, who walketh yet
  His garden in the hush of eve!
  Away, ye pedants city-bred,
  Unwise of heart, too wise of head,
  Who handcuff Art with thus and so,
  And in each other's footprints tread,
  Like those who walk through drifted snow;

  Who, from deep study of brick walls
  Conjecture of the water-falls,
  By six square feet of smoke-stained sky
  Compute those deeps that overlie
  The still tarn's heaven-anointed eye,
  And, in your earthen crucible,
  With chemic tests essay to spell
  How nature works in field and dell!
  Seek we where Shakspeare buried gold?
  Such hands no charmed witch-hazel hold;
  To beach and rock repeats the sea
  The mystic Open Sesame;
  Old Greylock's voices not in vain
  Comment on Milton's mountain strain,
  And cunningly the various wind
  Spenser's locked music can unbind.

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