(William Sotheby)

On Crossing the Anglesea Strait to Bangor at Midnight

T WAS night, when from the Druids gloomy cave,
Where I had wandered, tranced in thought, alone
Mid Cromlechs and the Carnedds funeral stone,
Pensive and slow I sought the Menais wave:
Lulled by the scene, a soothing stillness laid
Each pang to rest. Oer Snowdons cloudless brow
The moon, that full orbed rose, with peaceful glow
Beamed on the rocks; with many a star arrayed,
Glittered the broad blue sky; from shore to shore
Oer the smooth current streamed a silver light,
Save where along the flood the lonely height
Of rocky Penmaenmaur deep darkness spread;
And all was silence, save the ceaseless roar
Of Conway bursting on the oceans bed.

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