Гектор Макнилл (Hector Macneill)

Текст оригинала на английском языке

Mally Aiken, An Old Song Revived

'O Listen! listen and I'll tell ye
How this fair maid's play'd her part :--
First she vow'd and promis'd to me,
Now she strives to break my heart!'
    Eirin O! Mally Aiken,
    Eirin O s'dhu me roon.

I coft you silken garters, Mally,
And sleeve-knots for your tartan gown;
I coft you a green necklace, Mally,
To busk you whan you gade to town:
You gae me kisses sweet as hinny!
You gae me words mair sweet than true;
You swore you loo'd me best o' ony;
--- Ah! why than Mally break your vow!
    Eirin O! Mally Aiken,
    Eirin O s'dhu ma roon.

Yon auld man came wi' wyles sae bonie,
He bragg'd o' land and walth o' gear;
He promis'd braws mair fine than Johnie
To busk ye for the kick and fair;
He gae up tocher to your daddy;--
Your mither sigh'd and thought o' me;
But Mally wish'd to be a lady,
And chang'd true luve for -- high degree!
    Eirin O! Mally Aiken,
    Eirin O s'dhu ma roon.

He's ta'en you hame; he's made you gawdie,
He's busked you for the kirk and fair;
But you had better ta'en your laddie,
For happiness you'll ne'er see mair!
You may gang to kirk and fair, my Mally;
Your face and braws catch ilka ee,--
But happiness you'll ne'er see, Mally,
For breaking o' your vows to me!
    Eirin O! Mally Aiken,
    Eirin O s'dhu ma roon.

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