(Thomas Moore)

From Irish Melodies. 104. As Vanquishd Erin

          AS vanquishd Erin wept beside
                The Boynes ill-fated river,
          She saw where Discord, in the tide,
                Had droppd his loaded quiver.
          "Lie hid," she cried, "ye venomd darts,
                Where mortal eye may shun you;
          Lie hid  the stain of manly hearts,
                That bled for me, is on you."

          But vain her wish, her weeping vain 
                As Time too well hath taught her 
          Each year the Fiend returns again,
                And dives into that water;
          And brings, triumphant, from beneath
                His shafts of desolation,
          And sends them, wingd with worse than death,
                Through all her maddening nation.

          Alas for her who sits and mourns,
                Even now, beside that river 
          Unwearied still the Fiend returns,
                And stored is still his quiver.
          "When will this end, ye Powers of Good?"
                She weeping asks for ever;
          But only hears, from out that flood,
                The Demon answer, "Never!"

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