Томас Макдона (Thomas MacDonagh)

Текст оригинала на английском языке

The Anchoret

I saw thy soul stand in the moon
    Last night, the live-long night--
The jewels of Heaven in thy hand,
Thy brow with cherub coronal spanned,
    And thou in God's light.

Hell is the demons' gulfèd lair
    Beneath the flaming bars;
And Heaven, whereto thou goest soon,
Beyond thy dwelling in the moon
    And beyond the stars.

But Purgatory, thine old abode
    Since Life's impure delay,
Towers athwart the circling air
Whose topmost Heaven-reaching stair
    Thou dost tread to-day.

Thy soul within the moon doth stand--
    How many years of toil!
And I must bear a greater load,
And I must climb a harder road
    Ere God me assoil!

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