Элла Уилкокс (Ella Wheeler Wilcox)

Текст оригинала на английском языке

The Cherub Year

O infant New Year! free from stain,
   With spotless heart and wide, pure eyes,
Young king of all the broad domain
   That stretches underneath yon skies,
Know ye how great is thy estate?
   Know ye the glory that ye wear?
Does thy young heart appreciate
   The noble title that ye bear?

Thy great, great sire was '76,
   Whose fame can never more grow dim.
Of ninety-nine direct in line,
   Thou only, child, wert named for him.
He was the monarch of the world!
   He was a warrior bold and free.
Our starry banner he unfurled,
   And waved it over and and sea.

He broke the chain of Tyranny,
   And dared to boldly take the land
And wed the maiden Liberty,
  And make her Queen of all the land.
O Cherub 1876,
   Go think upon thy great sire's fame.
Come day or night,--come bloom or blight,--
   Strive to be worthy of his name. 

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