(Marriott Edgar)

Albert and His Savings

One day, little Albert Ramsbottom
To see ow much money ed got
Stuck a knife in is money-box slot ole
And fiddled and fished out the lot.

It amounted to fifteen and fourpence
Which e found by a few simple sums
Were ninety two tuppenny ices
Or twice that in pennorths of gums.

The sound of the chinkin of money
Soon brought fathers ead round the door
He said, Whats that there, on the table?
Albert said it were, Fifteen and four.

Youre not going to spend all that money...
Said Pa, in an admonitory tone
On toffee an things for your stomach.
Said Mother, Why not?... its his own.

Said Pa, Nay, with that fifteen shillings,
Well buy National Savings and then...
In five years well have seventeen and six
And one pound and sixpence, in ten!

Young Albert werent what youd call eager
He saw his sweet dreams fade away,
Ma said, Let im ave the odd fourpence.
Pa lovingly answered, Nay... nay!

Its our duty in crisis... whats appened
For every child, woman and man
To strain every muscle and sinew
To raise every penny we can!

He said, Even this little fourpence...
Might help us, the Germans to drub!
Then e dropped the four coins in is pocket
And made for the neighbouring pub.

These words stirred the eart of young Albert
He made up is mind then and there
To take up is part in the straining
And sell everything e could spare.

So off e went down to the junk shop
With some toys and a flashlamp, hed got.
And the stick with the orses ead andle
He received half a crown for the lot.

He went off to the Post Office counter
Where National Savings was bought
But found that they cost fifteen shillings
Which meant he were twelve and six short.

The little lad wasnt down earted
He went off without wastin words
And sold is dads smoking companion
And is Mothers glass case of stuffed birds.

At the Post Office counter they gave im
A certificate all crisp and clean
Then back e went ome, to his parents
To say what a good boy hed been.

They didnt alf shout, when he told em
By Gumm... but e were in the wars
But at finish, they ad to forgive im
It were all done in such a grand cause.

Theres a moral, of course. to this story
Thats pointing to you and to me...
Lets all be young Alberts and tend
To defend the right to be free.

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