(Mary Robinson)

Lines Written on the Sea-Coast

SWIFT oer the bounding deep the VESSEL glides,
Its streamers fluttring in the summer gales,
The lofty mast the breezy air derides,
As gaily oer the glittring surf she sails. 

Now beats each gallant heart with innate joys,
Bright hopes and tender fears alternate vie,
Dear schemes of pure delight the mind employs,
And the soul glistens in the tearful eye. 

The fond expecting Maid delighted stands
On the bleak summit of yon chalky bourn,
With waving handkerchief and lifted hands
She hails her darling Sailors safe return. 

Ill-fated Maid, neer shall thy gentle breast
The chaste reward of constant passion prove,
Neer shall that timid form again be pressd
In the dear bondage of unsullied love: 
Stern Heaven forbidsthe dark oerwhelming deep
Mocks the poor pilots skill, and braves his sighs;
Oer the high deck the frothy billows sweep,
And the fierce tempest drowns the sea boys cries. 

The maddning ocean swells with furious roar,
See the devoted bark, the shatterd mast,
The splitting hulk dashd on the rocky shore,
Rolls midst the howlings of the direful blast. 

Oer the vexd deep the vivid sulphur flies,
The jarring elements their clamours blend,
The deafning thunder roars along the skies,
And whistling winds from lurid clouds descend. 

The labring wreck, contending with the wave,
Mounts to the blast, or plunges in the main,
The trembling wretch suspended oer his grave,
Clings to the tatterd shrouds, the pouring rain
Chills his sad breast, methinks I see him weep,
I hear his fearful groan his mutterd prayr,
O, cease to mourn, behold the yawning deep
Where soon thy weary soul shall mock Despair,
Yes, soon thy aching heart shall rest in peace,
For in the arms of Death all human sorrows cease.

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