Эмма Лазарус (Emma Lazarus)

Текст оригинала на английском языке


Last night I slept, and when I woke her kiss 
Still floated on my lips. For we had strayed 
Together in my dream, through some dim glade, 
Where the shy moonbeams scarce dared light our bliss. 
The air was dank with dew, between the trees, 
The hidden glow-worms kindled and were spent. 
Cheek pressed to cheek, the cool, the hot night-breeze 
Mingled ouir hair, our breath, and came and went, 
As sporting with our passion. Low and deep 
Spake in mine ear her voice: ”And didst thou dream, 
This could be buried? This could be sleep? 
And love be thrall to death! Nay, whatso seem, 
Have faith, dear heart; this is the thing that is!”
Thereon I woke, and on my lips her kiss.

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