Руперт Брук (Rupert Chawner Brooke)

Текст оригинала на английском языке


 I came back late and tired last night
   Into my little room,
 To the long chair and the firelight
   And comfortable gloom.

 But as I entered softly in
   I saw a woman there,
 The line of neck and cheek and chin,
   The darkness of her hair,
 The form of one I did not know
   Sitting in my chair.

 I stood a moment fierce and still,
   Watching her neck and hair.
 I made a step to her; and saw
   That there was no one there.

 It was some trick of the firelight
   That made me see her there.
 It was a chance of shade and light
   And the cushion in the chair.

 Oh, all you happy over the earth,
   That night, how could I sleep?
 I lay and watched the lonely gloom;
   And watched the moonlight creep
 From wall to basin, round the room.
   All night I could not sleep.

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