(William Barnes) (1801-1886)
  (William Barnes)

  1. First Collection. Spring. The Spring
  2. First Collection. Spring. May
  3. Second Collection. Blackmwore Maïdens
  4. First Collection. Spring. The Blackbird
  5. Third Collection. The Broken Heart
  6. Third Collection. In the Spring
  7. Mater Dolorosa
  8. The Surprise
  9. Third Collection. The Year-clock
  10. Second Collection. Spring
  11. First Collection. Spring. Easter Zunday
  12. Third Collection. Woak Hill
  13. Second Collection. My Orchad in Lindèn Lea
  14. Third Collection. Zummer An' Winter
  15. First Collection. Spring. The Girt Woak Tree that's in the Dell
  16. First Collection. Summer. Haÿ-Carrèn
  17. Third Collection. Vull a Man
  18. Second Collection. The Young that died in Beauty
  19. First Collection. Spring. The White Road up athirt the Hill
  20. First Collection. Winter. Lullaby
  21. My Fore-Elders
  22. The Geate A-Vallen To
  23. First Collection. Spring. Evenén in the Village
  24. The Fall
  25. First Collection. Fall. A Zong ov Harvest Hwome
  26. First Collection. Winter. Grammers Shoes
  27. First Collection. Fall. Martins Tide
  28. First Collection. Summer. The Brook that Ran by Gramfers
  29. First Collection. Fall. Polls Jack-Daw
  30. First Collection. Summer. The Best Man in the Vield
  31. First Collection. Winter. Zunsheen in the Winter
  32. Third Collection. Woone Smile Mwore
  33. First Collection. Spring. Hope in Spring
  34. First Collection. Winter. In the Stillness o the Night
  35. First Collection. Spring. Jennys Ribbons
  36. First Collection. Spring. Dock-Leaves
  37. First Collection. Fall. Grenley Water
  38. The Peasant's Return
  39. First Collection. Fall. Guy Fauxs Night
  40. First Collection. Winter. What Dick an I did
  41. First Collection. Fall. Harvest Hwome: Second Peärt
  42. First Collection. Spring. Leädy-Day, an Riddèn House
  43. First Collection. Spring. The Milk-Maïd o the Farm
  44. Second Collection. Our abode in Arby Wood
  45. First Collection. Spring. The Woody Hollow
  46. First Collection. Summer. Jeänes Weddèn Day in Mornèn
  47. First Collection. Fall. Out a-Nuttèn
  48. First Collection. Fall. Harvest Hwome: The vust Peärt
  49. First Collection. Winter. Zittèn out the Wold Year
  50. First Collection. Summer. Rivers dont gie out
  51. First Collection. Fall. Two Farms in Woone
  52. First Collection. Summer. The Shepherd o the Farm
  53. First Collection. Summer. Sleep did come wi the Dew
  54. First Collection. Summer. The Evenèn Star o Zummer
  55. First Collection. Summer. The Clote
  56. First Collection. Fall. The Common a-took in
  57. Third Collection. Racketèn Joe
  58. First Collection. Spring. The Lotments
  59. First Collection. Summer. Havèn Woones Fortune a-twold
  60. Second Collection. The Raïlroad (An while I went ithin a traïn)
  61. First Collection. Spring. The Woodlands
  62. First Collection. Fall. The Ivy
  63. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. A Good Father
  64. Third Collection. Tokens
  65. First Collection. Spring. Woodcom Feäst
  66. First Collection. Spring. Bob the Fiddler
  67. First Collection. Summer. Vields in the Light
  68. First Collection. Fall. Teäkèn in Apples
  69. First Collection. Fall. Corn a-turnèn Yollow
  70. First Collection. Summer. Meäken up a Miff
  71. First Collection. Fall. Shrodon Feäir: The rest ot
  72. First Collection. Winter. The Happy Days when I wer Young
  73. Second Collection. The Winters Willow
  74. First Collection. Summer. Bemister
  75. First Collection. Summer. Thatchèn o the Rick
  76. First Collection. Summer. I got two Vields
  77. First Collection. Winter. Woak wer Good Enough Woonce
  78. Second Collection. The Motherless Child
  79. Second Collection. Ellen Brine ov Allenburn
  80. First Collection. Summer. Readèn ov a Head-stwone
  81. First Collection. Summer. The Sky a-cleärèn
  82. First Collection. Spring. A Bit o Sly Coortèn
  83. First Collection. Winter. The Weepèn Leädy
  84. First Collection. Summer. Evenèn, an Maïdens out at Door
  85. First Collection. Summer. The Veäiries
  86. First Collection. Fall. The Welshnut Tree
  87. First Collection. Fall. Night a-zettèn in
  88. Third Collection. Zunday
  89. First Collection. Spring. Easter Monday
  90. First Collection. Summer. Haÿ-Meäken
  91. First Collection. Summer. Bees a-Zwarmèn
  92. First Collection. Fall. Shrodon Feäir: The vust Peärt
  93. First Collection. Spring. Vellèn o the Tree
  94. First Collection. Summer. Where we did keep our Flagon
  95. First Collection. Summer. Polly be-èn upzides wi Tom
  96. First Collection. Fall. Mornèn
  97. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. The Sheperd Bwoy
  98. First Collection. Fall. Meäple Leaves be Yollow
  99. First Collection. Fall. The Veäiry Veet that I do meet
  100. Second Collection. Jessie Lee
  101. First Collection. Spring. Evenèn Twilight
  102. First Collection. Summer. Whitsuntide an Club Walkèn
  103. First Collection. Summer. Woodley
  104. Second Collection. A Father out an Mother Hwome
  105. Third Collection. John jealous
  106. Second Collection. Gruffmoody Grim
  107. First Collection. Spring. Bringèn Woone Gwaïn o Zundays
  108. First Collection. Summer. Uncle an Aunt
  109. First Collection. Fall. The Weather-beäten Tree
  110. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. Nannys Cow
  111. First Collection. Summer. Sweet Music in the Wind
  112. First Collection. Summer. The Meäd a-mowd
  113. Second Collection. A Pleäce in Zight
  114. First Collection. Fall. Jenny out vrom Hwome
  115. First Collection. Winter. A Bit o Fun
  116. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. A Witch
  117. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. The Drèven o the Common
  118. First Collection. Fall. A-Haulèn o the Corn
  119. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. A Zong
  120. Second Collection. Fifehead
  121. Third Collection. The Child an the Mowers
  122. Third Collection. Turnèn things off
  123. First Collection. Summer. Zummer Evenèn Dance
  124. First Collection. Winter. Meäry-Anns Child
  125. First Collection. Winter. Father Come Hwome
  126. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. The Church an Happy Zunday
  127. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. A Wold Friend
  128. Third Collection. Beauty Undecked
  129. Second Collection. The Waterspring in the Leäne
  130. Second Collection. The Poplars
  131. Second Collection. The Bachelor
  132. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. Jeäne
  133. Second Collection. The Maïd o Newton
  134. Second Collection. Ivy Hall
  135. Third Collection. The Castle Ruins
  136. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. The Maïd vor my Bride
  137. Third Collection. The Love Child
  138. Second Collection. Our Fathers Works
  139. Third Collection. Naighbour Plaÿmeätes
  140. Second Collection. Wold Friends a-met
  141. Second Collection. The Stwonèn Bwoy upon the Pillar
  142. Second Collection. The Lovely Maïd ov Elwell Meäd
  143. Third Collection. Hawthorn Down
  144. Third Collection. Oben Vields
  145. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. The Wold Waggon
  146. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. The Music o the Dead
  147. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. Gwain to Feäir
  148. Third Collection. The Rwose in the Dark
  149. Second Collection. Faïr Emily of Yarrow Mill
  150. Second Collection. The Wold Wall
  151. Second Collection. Herrènston
  152. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. Hope a-left Behind
  153. Second Collection. The Window freämed wi Stwone
  154. Second Collection. The Lydlinch Bells
  155. Third Collection. The Fancy Feäir at Maïden Newton
  156. Third Collection. The Turnstile
  157. Third Collection. The Childs Greäve
  158. Third Collection. Zummer Thoughts in Winter Time
  159. Third Collection. Grief an Gladness
  160. Second Collection. A Wife a-praïsd
  161. Second Collection. The Sparrow Club
  162. First Collection. Summer. Weeks End in Zummer, in the Wold Voks Time
  163. First Collection. Winter. Chrismas Invitation
  164. Second Collection. Riddles
  165. Third Collection. The Lark
  166. Second Collection. Meäry Wedded
  167. Third Collection. The Pillard Geäte
  168. Second Collection. Our Bethplace
  169. Third Collection. Times o Year
  170. Third Collection. Two an Two
  171. Third Collection. A Doset Sale
  172. Second Collection. Dobbin Dead
  173. First Collection. Winter. A Ghost
  174. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. The Pleäce a Teäles a-twold o
  175. Third Collection. The Echo
  176. Second Collection. The Vier-zide
  177. Second Collection. The Shy Man
  178. Third Collection. Things do Come Round
  179. Second Collection. Out at Plough
  180. Second Collection. Leeburn Mill
  181. First Collection. Winter. Fannys Beth-day
  182. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. Farmers Sons
  183. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. The Rwose that Deckd her Breast
  184. Second Collection. Bishops Caundle
  185. Third Collection. The Doset Militia
  186. Second Collection. The Lilac
  187. Second Collection. The Blackbird
  188. Second Collection. Brookwell
  189. Second Collection. The Heäre
  190. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. The Hwomestead
  191. Third Collection. Kindness
  192. Second Collection. Knowlwood
  193. Second Collection. Milkèn Time
  194. Third Collection. Zummer Winds
  195. Third Collection. Fancy
  196. Third Collection. Fall
  197. Second Collection. False Friends-like
  198. First Collection. Winter. The Vrost
  199. First Collection. Winter. Keepèn up o Chrismas
  200. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. The Beam in Grenley Church
  201. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. Looks a-knowd Avore
  202. Second Collection. The Leädys Tower
  203. Third Collection. The Neäme Letters
  204. Third Collection. Early Plaÿmeäte
  205. Second Collection. John Bleäke at Hwome
  206. Second Collection. I know Who
  207. Third Collection. Slidèn
  208. Third Collection. Not goo Hwome To-night
  209. Third Collection. Dont ceäre
  210. Third Collection. Withstanders
  211. Second Collection. Happiness
  212. Second Collection. Gammony Gaÿ
  213. Second Collection. Hay MeäkenNunchen Time
  214. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. The Vaïces that be Gone
  215. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. The Bells ov Alderburnham
  216. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. The Girt Wold House o Mossy Stwone
  217. Second Collection. Childhood
  218. Third Collection. Tweil
  219. Third Collection. The Zilver-weed
  220. Third Collection. Ruth a-ridèn
  221. Second Collection. Bleäkes House
  222. Second Collection. Zun-zet
  223. Second Collection. The Raïlroad (I took a flight, awhile agoo)
  224. Second Collection. Sound o Water
  225. Second Collection. The Bwoat
  226. Second Collection. Wheat
  227. Second Collection. Zelling woones Honey
  228. Second Collection. Nanny Gill
  229. Second Collection. My Loves Guardian Angel
  230. Second Collection. Praise o Doset
  231. First Collection. Winter. The Settle an the Girt Wood Vire
  232. First Collection. Winter. The Carter
  233. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. Uncle out o Debt an out o Danger
  234. Second Collection. Days Work a-done
  235. Second Collection. Gwaïn down the Steps
  236. Second Collection. Culver Dell and the Squire
  237. Third Collection. The Two Churches
  238. Third Collection. The Hedger
  239. Second Collection. When Birds be Still
  240. Third Collection. The Hollow Woak
  241. Second Collection. The Water Crowvoot
  242. Third Collection. The New House a-gettèn Wold
  243. Second Collection. Gwaïn to Brookwell
  244. Third Collection. Lwonesomeness
  245. Second Collection. The Wife a-lost
  246. Second Collection. The Thorns in the Geäte
  247. Second Collection. The Turn o the Days
  248. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. Poll
  249. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. The Dree Woaks
  250. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. Jeäne o Grenley Mill
  251. Second Collection. Fatherhood
  252. Second Collection. Meärys Smile
  253. Third Collection. Sheädes
  254. Third Collection. A Snowy Night
  255. Third Collection. Pickèn o Scroff
  256. Third Collection. Heedless o my love
  257. Second Collection. Slow to come, quick agone
  258. Second Collection. The Zummer Hedge
  259. Third Collection. Come
  260. Second Collection. The Slantèn light o Fall
  261. Second Collection. The May-tree
  262. Third Collection. Lindenore
  263. Third Collection. What John wer a-tellèn
  264. Third Collection. Nannys new Abode
  265. Third Collection. Lizzie
  266. Second Collection. Trees be Company
  267. Third Collection. Went vrom Hwome
  268. Second Collection. The Beän-vield
  269. Third Collection. Changes
  270. Second Collection. Woone Rule
  271. Second Collection. The Pleäce our own ageän
  272. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. The Common a-took in
  273. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. Aunts Tantrums
  274. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. The Stwonèn Pworch
  275. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. The Times
  276. Second Collection. Light or Sheäde
  277. Third Collection. Zummer Stream
  278. Third Collection. Vields by Watervalls
  279. Third Collection. The Humstrum
  280. Second Collection. The Wold vok Dead
  281. Third Collection. Daniel Dwithen
  282. Second Collection. The Linden on the Lawn
  283. Third Collection. To Me
  284. Third Collection. Blessens a-left
  285. Third Collection. Im out o Door
  286. Third Collection. Shaftesbury Feäir
  287. Third Collection. The Beäten Path
  288. Second Collection. Angels by the Door
  289. Second Collection. Good Meäster Collins
  290. Second Collection. Early risén
  291. Third Collection. The Better vor zeèn o you
  292. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. The Farmers Woldest Dāter
  293. Second Collection. The Waggon a-stooded
  294. Third Collection. Treat well you Wife
  295. Third Collection. Fall Time
  296. Third Collection. Grammer a-crippled
  297. Second Collection. Ridèn Hwome at Night
  298. Third Collection. Childerns Childern
  299. Third Collection. Come an zee us
  300. Second Collection. The Stage Coach
  301. Second Collection. Seats
  302. Third Collection. The Widows House
  303. Third Collection. My love is good
  304. Second Collection. Vok a-comèn into Church
  305. Third Collection. The Little Worold
  306. Second Collection. John an Thomas
  307. Second Collection. The Meäd in June
  308. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. The Hwomestead a-vell into Hand
  309. First Collection. Sundry Pieces. The Guide Post
  310. Third Collection. Comen Hwome
  311. Third Collection. Went Hwome
  312. Third Collection. Linda Deäne
  313. Third Collection. Good Night
  314. Second Collection. Mindèn House
  315. Second Collection. Hallowed Pleäces
  316. Second Collection. Thissledown
  317. Second Collection. Wayfeärèn
  318. Second Collection. The Leäne
  319. Third Collection. The Lew o the Rick
  320. Third Collection. The Wind in the Woones Feäce
  321. Third Collection. Evenèn Light
  322. Third Collection. The Wheel Routs
  323. Third Collection. Leaves a-vallèn
  324. Second Collection. True Love
  325. Third Collection. Pity
  326. Third Collection. John Bloom in Lonon
  327. Third Collection. Meth below the Tree
  328. Second Collection. Married Peäirs Love-walk
  329. Third Collection. The Giants in Treädes
  330. Second Collection. Pentridge by the River
  331. Third Collection. Bad News
  332. Second Collection. Moonlight on the Door
  333. Second Collection. The Scud
  334. Third Collection. A Lot o Maïdens

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