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Томас Мур (Thomas Moore) (1779-1852)
Томас Мур (Thomas Moore)

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  1. Вечерний звонThose Evening Bells
  2. Сон юной любвиLove's Young Dream
  3. В вечерний час слабеет светоч дняHow Dear to Me the Hour
  4. СиренаThe Origin of the Harp
  5. Подойди, отдохни здесь со мною, мой израненный, бедный оленьCome, Rest in this Bosom
  6. Не вернется юность вновьOh! Doubt Me Not
  7. Ты помнишь ли, как мы с тобою The Evening Gun
  8. О, жизнь моя! чуть день умретOh, Come to Me When Daylight Sets
  9. К РозеTo Rosa
  10. Песня (Когда угаснет блеск очей)Song (When Time, Who Steals)
  11. Последняя розаThe Last Rose of Summer
  12. Выгодная сделкаA Speculation
  13. Шепот ласки в тишинеJoys Of Youth, How Fleeting!
  14. Проснись, о мелодия!Wake Up, Sweet Melody
  15. О, не чаруй! любовь в груди моейNo - Leave My Heart To Rest
  16. The Minstrel Boy
  17. After the Battle
  18. An Argument
  19. Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms
  20. On Music
  21. Fly Not Yet
  22. Thee, Thee, Only Thee
  23. All In a Family Way
  24. Come O'er the Sea
  25. I Wish I Was By That Dim Lake
  26. Did Not
  27. The Meeting of the Waters
  28. War Song
  29. I Saw From the Beach
  30. Oh! Blame Not the Bard
  31. Remember Thee!
  32. Enigma
  33. By That Lake, Whose Gloomy Shore
  34. Oft, in the Stilly Night
  35. Dear Harp of my Country
  36. She Sung of Love
  37. The Young May Moon
  38. As Slow Our Ship
  39. You Remember Ellen
  40. My Gentle Harp
  41. At the Mid Hour of Night
  42. When First I Met Thee
  43. The Time I've Lost
  44. Her Picture
  45. Take Back The Virgin Page
  46. Song Of The Battle Eve
  47. Avenging and Bright
  48. The Dream of Those Days
  49. Where is the Slave
  50. While Gazing on the Moon's Light
  51. The Parallel
  52. Linda To Hafed
  53. This Life Is All Chequer'D With Pleasures And Woes
  54. No, Not More Welcome
  55. Weep On, Weep On
  56. The Wandering Bard
  57. Sail on, Sail on
  58. They May Rail at this Life
  59. Corn and Catholics
  60. They Know Not My Heart
  61. While History's Muse
  62. Oh, The Shamrock
  63. Fill The Bumper Fair
  64. We May Roam Through This World
  65. Omens
  66. Ode To The Goddess Ceres
  67. Silence Is In Our Festal Halls
  68. To Ladies' Eyes
  69. I Saw Thy Form In Youthful Prime
  70. Sweet Innisfallen
  71. The Song of Fionnuala
  72. The Legacy
  73. The Donkey and his Panniers
  74. There Are Sounds Of Mirth
  75. Oh, The Sight Entrancing
  76. When Cold In The Earth
  77. Nay, Tell Me Not, Dear
  78. Wreath The Bowl
  79. What The Bee Is To The Floweret
  80. One Bumper At Parting
  81. When He Who Adores Thee
  82. Though Humble The Banquet
  83. The Night Dance
  84. The Ghost Of Miltiades
  85. The Wine-Cup Is Circling

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