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Роберт Геррик (Херрик) (Robert Herrick) (1591-1674)
Роберт Геррик (Херрик) (Robert Herrick)

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  1. Песня безумной девыThe Mad Maid's Song
  2. Тема книгиThe Argument Of His Book
  3. Ceremonies For Christmas
  4. ЭлектреTo Electra
  5. Девственнице, целующей розуUpon a Virgin Kissing a Rose
  6. Когда смолкают птицы, ей же ейMoney Makes The Mirth
  7. ГлашатайThe Bellman
  8. Апология прекрасному полуTo the Ladyes
  9. О погребенииBurial
  10. На море и на сушеSafety on the Shore
  11. О пагубе несбыточных мечтанийPoverty and Riches
  12. Об истине и заблужденияхTruth and Error
  13. О покое Великого городаPeace not Permanent
  14. О мире и взаимном прощенииPardons
  15. О честолюбииAmbition
  16. Здесь только ты и твой ВсевышнийThe Crowd and Company
  17. О вознаграждении за усердный трудNothing Free-cost
  18. Dreams
  19. Upon The Nipples Of Julia's Breast
  20. To Virgins, To Make Much Of Time
  21. A Hymn To Love
  22. To Daffodils
  23. Cherry-Ripe
  24. A Conjuration To Electra
  25. A Lyric to Mirth
  26. His Wish To God
  27. A Child's Grace
  28. A Ring Presented to Julia
  29. Upon Cupid
  30. The Wounded Cupid
  31. Delight In Disorder
  32. Be My Mistress Short or Tall
  33. Oberon's Feast
  34. Corinna's Going A-Maying
  35. Proof to No Purpose
  36. A Hymn To Bacchus
  37. His Prayer For Absolution
  38. Why Flowers Change Colour
  39. A Hymn To The Graces
  40. Upon Julia's Clothes
  41. Grace For A Child
  42. His Desire
  43. To His Girls
  44. To Meadows
  45. His Return to London
  46. Neutrality Loathsome
  47. Upon Ben Jonson
  48. Writing
  49. To Blossoms
  50. A Canticle To Apollo
  51. On Love
  52. No Fault In Women
  53. A Hymn To Venus And Cupid
  54. How His Soul Came Ensnared
  55. Rewards
  56. The Rosary
  57. To Perilla
  58. His Wish To Privacy
  59. No Man Without Money
  60. Upon Himself
  61. Departure Of The Good Daemon
  62. Upon Shark
  63. The Pillar of Fame
  64. Litany to the Holy Spirit
  65. His Farewell to Sack
  66. An Ode to Ben Jonson
  67. On A Perfumed Lady
  68. Another
  69. The Bad Season Makes the Poet Sad
  70. To The Maids, To Walk Abroad
  71. To Anthea
  72. Up Scoble
  73. To Youth
  74. Crutches
  75. Upon A Maid
  76. Upon Her Eyes
  77. Kissing Usury
  78. The Hour-Glass
  79. To Heaven
  80. What Kind Of Mistress He Would Have

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